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Google ad Placement

Google Adsense ad placement introduced several guidelines to better earning.For placing Google Adsense ads is really important. Understanding those guidelines are very important, and it is getting more revenue and Google is required to avoid penalties.

Before talking about ad placement, you should make note of some important things.

It is important that every user click on the ads, and also that any ways.people difficult to generate such a way that it will help in the accident will place ads do not try to.

AdSense policies on advertising material overlapping clicks.such accidental clicks affect AdWords customers that will cause very badly against.

By placing Adsense ads next to small images, usually not a good practice in the AdSense ads placement.But some advertisements that suggest a relationship between the images and placing such activity is not accidental clicks By .Never try to confuse your visitor will cause a manner.for such example is when you create a gallery and the large size of the thumbnail images to view images in a series of clickable advertisement; Some of the thumbnail image and the images of the same size to place an ad in the middle of it, try to palce. Then it will mislead the user or cause accidental clicks.

More experiments are needed to better Google Adsense ad placement, ad placement there experiment.keep experiment with your ads to earn revenue through a particular solution is not good, the change in position of the ads in your websites layout for your website is applicable. But it is only after understanding Google’s guidelines, otherwise it is the time when Google updates its search engine algorithms on your search traffic can be a reason to lose.

Better ad placement

One thing to always keep in mind that content is king and most important part of your website. The first priority for the material, and sounds just like a user. Your site should be clean and easy to navigate, the user always has the necessary data, what he really needs to get a confirmation.

A better SEO friendly content for ad placement before you must uncover.that do not involve actually affect your site’s ranking and SEO. You know the times or higher up on the page read this.Including ads affect your search engine rankings if you want to get the best is good revenue. Users can easily see the ads without having to scroll down further, if there are too many ads above the fold for maximum user attention has a tendency to get involved, thus the content on the page goes down, that is not plausible.

Advertising style is very important factor in better ad placement.

People have a tendency to feel anything different on the main content of the site, so users avoid ad blindness, you change the background of the main content and its webpage.for advertising style to blend with respect to the amountAdSense advertising is that you can use the default white background is suitable for sites.

There is another way we advertise and boarders in background color for ad placement .Use can use that already exists in your sites, in your layout uses colors Please be aware that advertising designing.But Boarder in the background do not match means exactly where the ads are displayed.

Repeated visitors to the website publishers, publishers must make such changes in the position of their ads is an important thing, because sometimes your ad position and repeat visitors already are likely to change now that they advertise in blind experiments knew very well about the possibility that publishers often advertising the posts to your site again and again is to keep the audience works.

Another important factor is the type of advertising

The most successful ad type and the recommended maximum revenue for advertising type “text and display ads,” the most successful ad size (both text and display ads) is’ 300 × 250 medium rectangle are ‘,’ 728 × 90 leaderboard ” ‘300 × 600 half page’. The best and most successful ad sizes, but you can also use other ad sizes, choose the design of your site is suitable for.