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20 CPM Alternatives to Adsense

Although Google Adsense is one of the more well known networks out there among publishers, it may not exactly be the best solution for every type of site. For instance, entertainment and sports type websites may experience a lower click through ratio. Not because people hate those types of websites, but because there are many things that constitute to this fact.

For the most part, entertainment type websites generally have a visitor base that doesn’t have an urgency, or a desire to click on links opposed to, let’s say, someone looking for solutions to living a healthy lifestyle or someone looking for a job. Another reason is because advertisers pay pennies worth for entertainment visitor based clicks, which can really scare away entertainment type publishers into dealing with a totally new solution like cost per thousand (CPM).

Where does the term CPM come from?

CPM stands for cost per thousand. But you may be wondering, why there is a letter “M” in the abbreviation if it means thousands? The letter “M” in the abbreviation is the Roman numeral for one thousand. Meaning, if you are with a CPM based network, clicks no longer determine your pay like Google Adsense does, but instead, counts every single page view your website delivers to their network. So to speak, you are getting paid for every visit your website receives, regardless if they click on the ads or not.

Why is it more oriented for entertainment type publishers?

The idea that you are able to be paid regardless if a visitor clicks on your ad or not, is what makes CPM based networks more profitable for entertainment typed sites because you are getting paid a fixed amount. An amount, you are guaranteed to have if you have deliver X amount of page views. You get the idea…

If Adsense didn’t work out for your site, fear not. Here, I have collected over , which you can try. Realize that you can use both solutions, similar to how I use Amazon and Google Adsense together at the same time.

ContextWeb – Provides text/image banners. Allows you to dictate how much you get paid eCPM wise and to provide a backup tag.ValueClickMedia – Provides banners, pop unders, and many other ad solutions.Smowtion – 20% increased revenue. Supports pop unders, text/image banners that comes in various sizes.Clicksor – Support multiple avenues of CPM based ads to ensure maximum earnings.

Tribal Fusion – A reputable CPM company that is known to dealing with large volume publishers.Casale Media – One of the more unique networks out there that supports video ads, image ads, and more.Videoegg – A CPM based company, which focuses only on placing ads on videos.Advertising – One of the heavy hitters of online ad publishing. Their high pageview entry point means only well-established sites can apply.

Adpepper – Offers various ad solutions to webmasters looking for a reliable CPM company.Adtegrity – A network known for providing solid customer service in optimizing campaigns to reaching their maximum potential.CPX Interactive – Have heard that they were a solid network to be in that paid good.

Brightroll – Provides online video advertising services to their publishers.BurstMedia – Provides online video advertising services.Morning Falls – It’s low relatively low traffic from something like Wealthy affiliate requirement makes this a possibly good solution to start out with if you are just beginning.Right Media – A CPM based company operated by Yahoo, ensuring you will be working with one of the most trusted companies out there.InterClick – A reputable CPM company known for giving solid payments to their publishers.AdSmart – AdSmart offers a wide range of ad solutions for visitors on your website and even for mobile visitors.

Technorati Media – If you own a blog that has a large fan base, partnering with Technorati can be a wise choice.Gorilla Nation – A CPM based company founded in 2001.Six Apart –  A network where bloggers can earn from providing solid content.

Keep note that if the pay per click (PPC) solution is working out for your blog, it is advised to stay with that solution. If not, it is recommended to try a different approach like CPM. Another way to figuring out if the PPC solution is right for your type of website, or not, is to check the PPC rates at Otherwise, get busy experimenting to figure which advertising solution is best for your site, and rejoice once you find a perfect fit.