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Where are the Developers?

The amazing recruiting team at Vend have hired a few awesome software developers to add to our already incredible team. But it is hard work. Really, really bloody hard. So hard that I sometimes wonder what we’re doing wrong. Are we looking for the right people? Are we sending the right messages to attract those people? I’ve been thinking… Read More »

Technical Debates and ASP.NET Abstraction

Scott Guthrie has put up a corker of a post dissecting technical debates in general. It’s intended to defuse some of the specific angst around WebForms vs ASP.NET MVC, but the initial section should be compulsory reading for anyone intending to push their platform of choice.

Apple: Developers are not the enemy

It’s amazing that Apple have got as far as they have with the App Store. Looking back now, I wonder if it was more about the lack of decent competition rather than some massive Jobsian mind trick. Look, the iPhone is hands-down the most wonderfully designed and usable smart phone on the market – no… Read More »