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Where are the Developers?

The amazing recruiting team at Vend have hired a few awesome software developers to add to our already incredible team. But it is hard work. Really, really bloody hard. So hard that I sometimes wonder what we’re doing wrong. Are we looking for the right people? Are we sending the right messages to attract those people? I’ve been thinking… Read More »


Here’s the thing: the problems you need to solve as a technical manager are by definition non-technical. You need to create an environment in which the engineering team can execute to their potential, and otherwise get out of the way. The last thing you need is technical authority

Developers: UPT Digital and Windows Phone 7

[box type=”info”]This is one of a series of sponsored blog posts highlighting New Zealand companies working with cutting-edge Microsoft technology. If you’re interested in Windows Phone 7 development, you should download the free Windows Phone Developer Tools and start building your own Windows Phone application.[/box] On a recent trip to Christchurch, I had the pleasure… Read More »

Windows Phone 7 Intro Training Roundup

Over the past several weeks, Keith, Chris and myself have been up and down the country giving developers an introduction to the development process for Windows Phone 7. As is customary, here’s some links and copies of the code we used in the demos. If I’ve missed anything, drop me a comment and I’ll hunt it down for you.

Datacom Devcamp 2010

I love being an employee of Datacom New Zealand. If you have an idea and the means to get it done, you’ll get it done at Datacom. My idea was to get a bunch of our top developers together for a weekend unconference. I’ve found the means to get it done, so we’re going to… Read More »

Technical Debates and ASP.NET Abstraction

Scott Guthrie has put up a corker of a post dissecting technical debates in general. It’s intended to defuse some of the specific angst around WebForms vs ASP.NET MVC, but the initial section should be compulsory reading for anyone intending to push their platform of choice.

Rocking the Press Pass at Tech.Ed NZ

It’s all Microsoft, all the time on at the moment. Last week it was a week of brain-bending SharePoint training with Steve Smith from Combined Knowledge. This week I’m working with Mauricio from Geekzone on the Unnoficial Tech.Ed Blog. We’re recording videos with some key people at Tech.Ed, and will be uploading them over… Read More »