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Livescribe 3 SmartPen

I’ve found I use the pen a fair amount to capture a quick scribble, an image or perhaps a mindmap; sometimes a page of notes in an environment where I don’t feel comfortable sitting bashing away at my laptop keyboard. I think if you’re a big pen-based note taker this pen could genuinely change your world, but for me it’s supplementary.

Sphero 2: Not just a toy

I saw my first Sphero at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in 2013. Sphero wasn’t new at the time, but after seeing it in action I just had to have one. Who wouldn’t want a silly robotic ball that you can control with your smartphone? Fast-forward 12 months and the revised Sphero 2 is on my desk.… Read More »

Double Review: Samsung DA-E750 and Logitech UE Boombox

These devices are definitely aimed at different markets and uses, but for me personally (not being a Lotto winner), the Logitech would be my choice if I was forced to select between the two. It’s easily portable, simple to use, and I kinda like the retro-cool styling.

Logitech UE9000 Headphones

Basically, the UE9000’s are stacked with every feature you might want from headphones. Run them as premium wired headphones and they sound fantastic. Turn on the built-in amp and they sound even better.

New Vonage Calling App for iPhone and Android

There is a cost associated with calling phones directly, but according to Vonage, the app offers international calling with per-minute rates that average 70 percent less than major mobile carriers and 30 percent less than Skype. This savings estimate is based on per-minute rates to the top 50 countries called. Billing is also more convenient, with payment integrated directly into your iTunes or Android Market account, instead of maintaining billing in a separate login.

Plantronics Voyager Pro Review

I’m trying to find a word other than “sexy” to describe my old Discovery 925 headset Perhaps “svelt”? Bluetooth headsets are never sexy. Necessary – due to the recent law change about cellphone use in cars – but never sexy. Where the Discovery looks like something Captain Kirk would wear, the Voyager Pro looks like… Read More »

Review: Kick Ass

I don’t usually review movies, but after giving two copies of Kick Ass away to readers, I’ve agreed to write up my thoughts. I’ve always complained about the anti-piracy assault that you get from most DVDs and Blurays. Think about it: I’ve just paid for a legitimate copy of your movie, and you spend the… Read More »