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Samsung Galaxy S6 First Impressions

Overall, I’m impressed by the S6. Samsung have pulled back from their crapware-do-everythign focus, and turned their impressive heft toward hardware and system design. The results are obvious: gorgeous hardware with what looks to be the best near-stock Android platform available.

(Re)Building from the ground up

I’ve come to realise that building a high-performance team in a fast growing business is just one long fail. At any point in time you can only think “fuck, we have to do better than this”. Yet when you look back over a year of growth, the improvement is phenomenal.

QCon NYC Day Two: Skills To Pay The Bills

[This is a slightly modified version of an internal travel blog post I wrote for the Vend crew] It’s a dreary Thursday in downtown Brooklyn, low cloud, muggy – but at least I got some good sleep. The F-Train was packed this morning. TL;DR: Embrace imperfection and change. Still no one doing transactional microservices. Tweet… Read More »

QCon NYC Day One: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

[This is a slightly modified version of an internal travel blog post I wrote for the Vend crew] After a couple of nights of 4-hour jet lagged sleeps, I caught the F-train subway from my sister’s house (near Prospect Park) to Downtown Brooklyn. Turns out that the inside of the Brooklyn Marriot is the same… Read More »

Politics and Social Media

I’m hoping for a change of government in New Zealand come September, but not for the reason you may assume. Back in 2008 when John Key came to power, Twitter was barely kicking off and Granny Herald had about 40 or 50 thousand more subscribers than today. I genuinely can’t remember being involved in any real-time… Read More »

We Are Treating it Very Seriously

After reading Lance’s latest post, I remembered an interview I heard on the radio this morning. It was about a serious workplace accident, at a company that has had two recent workplace deaths. The man being interviewed said: “We are treating this very seriously” I’m going to come right out and say no, you are… Read More »

Smart TV is Bullshit

Just stop. Stop for one second and make me a television that looks great, operates quickly, and gets itself the fuck out of the space between me and my video entertainment. Please.


Here is a list of some things. Many of these have been mentioned in conversations in most forms of media about sexual activity and rape over the last couple of weeks: Drunk Out late at night Wearing skimpy clothes Age of participants Up for it Knew what you were getting into Not brave enough to… Read More »

Microsoft Surface: Hardware is not the problem

The Intel-based Surface Pro 2 is a beast. You can get one for $1299, but fully kitted out it will cost you closer to $2500. That high-end model is stupendous: 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, it runs faster than most laptops and is still incredibly small and light. I don’t exaggerate when I say that the Surface Pro 2 is the best bit of Windows hardware anywhere.

The Morality of Metadata

We have been living under the misguided impression that we are not being watched because the actors who would watch us are inherently law-abiding and moral. The reality is that they haven’t been watching us because it required effort.