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By | September 13, 2004

GMailI’ve still got a pile of GMail invites hanging around my inbox. These seem to be as common as house flies these days, but if by some random chance you would like a GMail account and don’t have one, just send me your email address (either via commenting, or by email to gadgetophile at gmail dot com).

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17 thoughts on “GMail Invites

  1. Ben

    Wow Rodrigo… I’m hoping that is some sort of machine-translation, but I get the general idea. Invite sent!

  2. Jason

    I would appreciate itif you’d let me get rid of one of those pesky gmail invites! Thanks, enjoying the site

  3. Jay

    I’d appreciate a GMail invite if possible to pass to my son in the Marines. It would help him keep mail rather than either having to delete mail, move mail to disks and carry them around, or not get mail. Thanks.

  4. Gangadhar Ambati

    plz send me a gmail invite
    My name: Gangadhar Ambati
    My mail


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